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We offer our customers the lowest prices available on the market. The cost of the service includes only the fee for transporting the package (on a door-to-door basis). We do not charge any additional fees, commission or service costs: you pay only for picking up the parcel and transport to its destination, shipping insurance and international transport.

We never use any legal tricks in our contracts with customers.

Because some of our services are provided through external carriers (GLS and DPD), which significantly reduces the time we need to deliver your parcel, we offer two options for sending parcels.

A. Standard parcel (GLS)

  • In this option, there are no strict rules for picking up parcels. It is up to you when our courier will collect your parcel.
  • Parcels can be picked up (collected from you) between Monday and Friday, 8 AM - 6 PM, even on the next business day after the date of your order.
  • Delivery normally takes five or six business days, regardless of when your parcel was collected.

B. Oversized (non-standard) parcels

  • Parcels are collected two days before the departure date.
  • Parcels are shipped twice a week.
  • No specific time or time period can be arranged for collection.
  • Parcels are delivered not later than within 7 days of the departure date.

It is very easy: just visit our website and click on the ORDER COURIER link and then fill out a simple form. In addition to the necessary personal details, you are asked to provide the collection date (i.e. when you want us to pick up your parcel.) That’s all you need to do. Our courier will pick up your parcel on the day you specified. Unfortunately, no specific time or time period can be arranged for collection. Our couriers are available from 8 AM do 6 PM. You are advised to pay in advance, but not later than on the day following the date of collection.

We use volumetric weight only to calculate the cost of delivering a non-standard (oversized) parcel.

The costs of the service will be based on the volumetric weight of your parcel if the actual weight of your parcel is low, but the parcel is large.

We use the following formula:

Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)

= volumetric weight


The cost for standard parcels is always based on the actual weight of the parcel.

We use the actual weight as the basis for the cost of the service, if you order the delivery of a standard parcel and the dimensions of the parcel indicate that it falls within the standard parcel category.

In the order form, you are asked to provide the actual weight of your parcel, as well as its dimensions. We will use this information to calculate the cost of the service. If the information you provided is not consistent with the weight and dimensions measured by our courier, we may refuse to accept your parcel for delivery.

Please remember that the maximum weight of a standard parcel is 50 kg. If your parcel declared as a standard parcel is heavier even by 1 kg, we will normally return it to you and charge your for additional costs required by our external courier company. The maximum weight and dimensions of non-standard parcels can be agreed upon directly with our representative. If you wish to do this, please contact us.

Each package sent via SpeedPack Courier Services (both standard and non-standard parcels) is insured for EUR 300. Shipment insurance is already included in the cost of the service.

We at SpeedPack Courier Services do our best to deliver your parcels as quickly as possible. Our standard delivery times are as follows:

  • For standard parcels: 3-6 business days, depending on the country of collection. For example, delivery from the UK to Poland takes 3-5 days, but delivery from Ireland to Poland takes 5-6 days.
  • For oversized (non-standard) parcels: 7 business days from the departure date.

Payment for standard parcels

  1. We only accept payment via PayPal, which is the quickest and most convenient method of payment. It allows you to pay by credit card or bank transfer directly into an account with a bank in Poland or Ireland.
  2. You are advised to pay as soon as you have placed your order, but not later than on the day following the date of collection.

Payment for non-standard parcels

  1. We will normally ask you to pay the driver in Poland or Ireland (in cash), which is our preferred method of payment for such parcels.
  2. If you wish to use PayPal to pay, please contact us in advance.
  3. If you are shipping a parcel in Poland, you can pay for it only in Ireland. However, if you are shipping a parcel in Ireland, you must pay as soon as you have placed your order.
  4. All cash payments must be made in EUR.

We can collect parcels from anywhere in Poland and other European Union countries. However, most of the time, we deliver parcels between Poland and Ireland (and Ireland and Poland). We offer our services in all parts of the EU and we are prepared to deliver your parcel to any location. Don’t worry that your town may be outside our operating area.
What is more, we will not charge you for collecting your parcel, whether from a large city or a small village.

Of course, you can! Our customers can use a special tracking system that is available on our website. All you need to do is enter the number you received from the courier at the time of sending the package and you can check where your parcel is now. This system can only be used for standard parcels.

If you have lost the parcel collection document showing your parcel tracking number, you can call us, tell us your order number and we we will tell you your number.

Please remember that the order number and code can be used only to identify your package (and you, if you are contacting a SpeedPack Service Courier representative). You will need a separate tracking number to track your parcel.

Our company will carry practically any item, except for dangerous items and things the carriage of which is banned by Polish law. The items that must not be carried include:

1. Hazardous items that pose a threat to humans and/or property:

  • flammable materials, explosives or radioactive materials,
  • corrosive or stinking substances;
  • weapons and ammunition;

2. Narcotis, drugs and psychotropic substances, with the exception of those substances that are sent by authorised institutions only for scientific and research purposes.

3. Organic substances or items:

  • live plants or animals;
  • dead animals, human corpses or remains.

4. Items generally considered as valuable:

  • works of art or antiques;
  • precious stones, noble metals in any form;
  • currency, securities, certificates;

5. Liquids and substances that can damage the package they are in and other shipments, after an unforeseen leak.

Also, we will not accept your parcel if

  1. the shipment is in a package that can damage, stain or even destroy other packages;
  2. the package is not properly packed and secured at all;
  3. the size or dimensions of the parcel make it impossible for us to delivery the parcel using the vehicles available to us.

If you fail to follow any of the above rules, you will be charged a penalty equal to fives times the cost of the service.

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