Track your shipment

We realise how important it is for our customers to receive regular updates on what is happening to their parcels. Therefore, each standard shipment to be delivered by SpeedPack is assigned a unique tracking number.

This number will be given to you by the courier at the time of collecting your parcel. With that number, you will be able to use our tracking system to check the status of your shipment at any time and where you are.

To check the status of your shipment, you can also contact our helpline or use our email contact form (e.g. if you have lost your tracking number). One of our consultants will tell you your tracking number based on your order code.

Click here to check the current status of your shipment.

Can’t wait to get a parcel? You need to leave home, but you don’t know when our courier will arrive with your parcel? How many times have been in such situations? It can be tiring to have to be ‘locked’ in your home only to wait for a courier. Choose SpeedPack and you will know, as soon as you place your order, when and what time your parcel will be delivered. You won’t have to worry and will be able to go to a cafe with your friends or go shopping, not wondering whether the courier arrives while you are out.

You can track your shipment at any time during the delivery process.

You can track your shipment at any time during the delivery process. You can check the location of your shipment as soon as it leaves our warehouse. All you need is to know the basic details (such as the shipment number) and to enter them in our system. The system is very easy to use for anyone. Just try! It’s so easy!

Track parcels on their way from many parts of the world.

Do you sometimes order products abroad? Deliveries from abroad very often taken longer than expected. In such cases, you do not know when your delivery will arrive. Spare yourself the stress! With us, you can also track your international shipments. Choose us and you will no longer have to think twice before you order products in Germany, Ireland or Spain. With us, you will have everything under control!

Choose SpeedPack and check where you parcel is now!